land1 W1S1 [lænd] n
2¦(not sea)¦
4¦(not city)¦
6 see/find out how the land lies
7 in the land of the living
8 the land of milk and honey
9 (in) the land of nod
[: Old English;]
1.) ¦(GROUND)¦[U]
an area of ground, especially when used for farming or building
500 acres of land
a piece of open land (=land which has not been built on)
fertile/arid/dry land
agricultural/arable land
waste/vacant/derelict land
housing/industrial etc land
a shortage of housing land
land prices
→↑dockland, farmlandsee usage noteground1
2.) ¦(NOT SEA)¦[U]
the solid dry part of the Earth's surface
After 21 days at sea, we sighted land.
by land
Troops began an assault on the city by land and sea.
on land
The crocodile lays its eggs on land.
land bird/animal
The white stork is one of the biggest land birds of the region.
→↑dry land
3.) ¦(COUNTRY)¦ literary
a country or area
Their journey took them to many foreign lands .
native land
(=the land where you were born)
He's fiercely proud of his native land.
Australia represented a real land of opportunity for thousands of people.
4.) ¦(NOT CITY)¦
the land
the countryside thought of as a place where people grow food
live off the land
(=grow or catch all the food you need)
A third of the region's population still lives off the land.
work/farm the land
(=grow crops)
Many people were forced to give up working the land.
5.) ¦(PROPERTY)¦[U]
the area of land that someone owns
He ordered us to get off his land.
private/public/common land
6.) see/find out how the land lies
spoken to try to discover what the situation really is before you make a decision
7.) in the land of the living
spoken awake - used humorously
8.) the land of milk and honey
an imaginary place where life is easy and pleasant
9.) (in) the land of nod
old-fashioned asleep
be/live in cloud-cuckoo-land atcloud1 (7), ↑dry land, dreamland, fairyland
the lie of the land atlie3 (3)
land 2
land2 W3S2 v
2¦(arrive by boat/plane)¦
3¦(fall/come down)¦
5¦(job/contract etc)¦
6 land somebody in trouble/hospital/court etc
7 land somebody in it
9 land a punch/blow etc
10 land on your feet
11¦(catch fish)¦
Phrasal verbs
 land up
 land somebody with something
if a plane, bird, or insect lands, it moves safely down onto the ground
≠ ↑take off
Flight 846 landed five minutes ago.
The bird landed gracefully on the water.
b) [T]
to make a plane move safely down onto the ground at the end of a journey
The pilot managed to land the aircraft safely.
to arrive somewhere in a plane, boat etc
land on/in/at etc
We expect to be landing in Oslo in about fifty minutes.
In 1969, the first men landed on the moon.
3.) ¦(FALL/COME DOWN)¦ [I always + adverb/preposition]
to come down through the air onto something
= ↑drop land in/on/under etc
A large branch landed on the hood of my car.
Louis fell out of the tree and landed in a holly bush.
She fell and landed heavily on the floor.
A couple of bombs landed quite near to the village.
4.) ¦(GOODS/PEOPLE)¦ [T]
if a boat or aircraft lands people or goods, it brings them to a place, and the people get out or the goods are carried out
The troops were landed by helicopter.
5.) ¦(JOB/CONTRACT ETC)¦ [T] [i]informal
to succeed in getting a job, contract etc that was difficult to get
He landed a job with a law firm.
land yourself sth
Bill's just landed himself a part in a Broadway show.
6.) land sb in trouble/hospital/court etc
to cause someone to have serious problems or be in a difficult situation
Connie's going to land herself in big trouble if she keeps arriving late for work.
She developed pneumonia which landed her in hospital.
7.) land sb in it
BrE spoken informal to get someone into trouble by telling other people that they did something wrong
= ↑drop somebody in it
Geoff landed me in it by saying I should have checked that the door was locked.
8.) ¦(PROBLEMS)¦ [I always + adverb/preposition]
to arrive unexpectedly, and cause problems
land in/on/under etc
Just when I thought my problems were over, this letter landed on my desk.
9.) land a punch/blow etc
to succeed in hitting someone
10.) land on your feet
to get into a good situation again, after having problems
She certainly landed on her feet when she got that job.
11.) ¦(CATCH FISH)¦ [T]
to catch a fish
land up phr v
to be in a particular place, situation, or position after a lot of things have happened to you
= ↑end up land up in
We landed up in a bar at 3 am.
Be careful that you don't land up in serious debt.
land up with
I landed up with five broken ribs.
land with [land sb with sth] phr v
to give someone something unpleasant to do, because no one else wants to do it
Maria's been landed with all the tidying up as usual.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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